This section contains Instron testing systems that are no longer in production. Instron has installed several hundred thousand testing systems around the world including at 96% of the world’s largest manufacturing companies. In fact, the average age of an Instron machine that we service is 18 years. Follow the categories below to find your system and see what upgrade options are available. Some systems we just can’t retrofit due to parts shortages or obsolescence, and in these cases your local sales engineer can offer you a generous trade in offer. Although we are adding to this page all the time, there are many Instron products that are not shown. Please contact us if you have any questions about an Instron product that you do not see here.

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5569 Instron testing system with a bio bath

Testing Systems

All Instron electromechanical Universal Testing Systems produced from 1946. These include tensile testing machines such as Series 5500, 4500, 4400, 4300, 4200, etc.

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